Ask Dr. Anna: Cat shedding tools; do you dread the shed?

Anyone with cats knows that a change of season means its time to shave the couch. At least, that’s what it feels like with the amount of cat hair that settles in your house. No matter how often you vacuum, sweep, mop, dust, or run the leaf blower through your home it just seems to be a never-ending battle against the fur!

No matter what setting we have the leaf blower running, we seem to find even more hair than before! Sometimes, I’ve contemplated not letting them in the house and giving them a cosy spot in the garage. But my husband just thinks I’m being lazy… Which is kinda true. Because I use the leaf blower every day, he decided to treat me to a brand new machine! I pretty sure he checked out, but I could be wrong!

Having had cats most of my life I generally stuck with brushing as the way to control the shedding, but I decided to look at some of the new cat shedding tools on the market that claim to reduce or even stop shedding altogether. What’s the worst that can happen, right?

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