City council approves parking on grass ordinance

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After several discussions and modifications, the Guthrie City Council approved the final draft of the parking on the grass ordinance.

The council met Tuesday evening with a lengthy agenda.

The parking on the grass talks began last October before being finalized and approved with a 7-0 vote.

The ordinance (3226) amends the zoning ordinance of the Code of Ordinances (Article 5; Section 10) applying to off-street automobile and vehicle parking and loading adding section 10.11 relating to off-street parking.

This amendment causes the prohibition to apply to all parts of the yard in residential areas except the following:


1. To parking on grass, gravel, or crushed material of similar consistency for events presented on an intermittent basis such as sporting events, car shows, music concerts, holiday or social celebrations or other events of a similar temporary nature;

2. To real property under active construction and improvement pursuant to a duly issued building permit;

3. As to vehicles parked completely to the rear of the front wall of the main building on the subject property and concealed from view from all public street rights-of-way by:

a. A solid, opaque, screening fence or wall at least six feet (6’) in height; or

b. Vegetation consisting of a solid hedge row of evergreen shrubs, providing full screening from the ground to a minimum height of six feet (6’)

c. Any combination of the above that effectively conceals the vehicle from view and accomplishes the required screening height.

4. To legally non-conforming off-street parking surfaces;

5. In any case where a variance has been granted by the Board of Adjustments of the City of Guthrie.

Council approved the resolution (No. 2012-04) to temporarily amend the fees for the Guthrie Board of Adjustment for variance applications. The resolution provides for a reduced fee of $25.00 for a Board of Adjustment hearing on the matter of off-street parking. The reduced fee will be in effect until June 1, 2013.


In other council action:

– Council voted down a possible ordinance that would have created a special use provision for “Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment Center” in a commercial zoning district, by special use permit only.

The final vote was declined at 4-3 with the yes votes coming from council members Trey Ayers and Sheri Mueller, along with Mayor Chuck Burtcher.

The Guthrie Planning Commission heard a request to approve an application for a Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment Center at 2423 W. Noble Avenue, (the former Living Waters Church facility).

– The council approved DCP with a right-of-way and fifty foot (50’) easement for the purpose of construction, maintaining and operating a sixteen inch (16″) pipeline. Council, in addition, approved a temporary access road agreement with DCP Southern Hills Pipeline that will allow a temporary right-of-way and easement to construct, maintain and use a road over land located within the City of Guthrie. This temporary road will provide access during the construction period while DCP Southern Hills Pipeline is constructing the pipeline at the southern end of Liberty Lake.

– declined a revocable permit for a fence in the city’s right-of-way located at 803 N. Wentz with 7-0 no vote.

– authorized the Library Staff to submit an application to the Oklahoma Humanities Council for the “Let’s Talk About It, Oklahoma!” (LTAIO) grant.

– approved to budget amendment No. 6 increasing the budget for the General Fund, Capital Projects Fund and Airport Fund.

– approved to amend council’s action on November 1, 2011 that authorized staff to lease/purchase a 2012 Ford F-250 Crew Cab, 4×4, with aluminum camper shell and accessories to authorizing staff to utilize the Board of Logan County Commissioners awarded to Vance Country Ford for the purchase of this vehicle using city funds in the amount of $33,711 and Logan County Fire Sales Tax in the amount of $9,584 for a total purchase price of $43,295.

On November 1, 2011, City Council approved staff to lease/purchase a new Battalion Chief’s ¾ ton pickup using Logan County Fire Sales Tax funds. To avoid paying interest on a lease/purchase, the city will use remaining funds from the sale of Fire Engine No. 7 to Coyle Fire Department in the amount of $33,711 to put towards the cost of the new battalion chief’s pickup, leaving a balance of $9,584 to be paid from the Logan County Fire Sales Tax fund.

Guthrie Public Works Authority approves Langston water rates

In 2004, the Guthrie Public Works Authority entered into an agreement with Langston University to deliver water to their campus. The agreement provides for rate adjustments under certain terms.

On April 30, 2008 the city council/GPWA approved a 25% increase to Langston University water rates. An analysis has been completed giving the city the full burdened cost to produce water.

The Finance Committee met and recommended the council approve a 25% increase to the Langston University water rates for an increase of $5,625 per month. City staff has visited with Langston University officials and explained the rate increases. After visiting with Langston University officials, city staff is recommending an increase of 15% or $3,375 per month.





3 Comments on "City council approves parking on grass ordinance"

  1. Chris, I have not been following this closely, could you summarize what this means…is it saying every house has to have a poured driveway( concrete, blacktop, etc) and that gravel won’t work? Just driving around in the less affluent blocks of town makes me worry about this being required. Drive between Pine and Walnut down Cleveland, Harrison and Oklahoma and more homes than not do not have “approved” driveways. What is in place to help people who can’t afford to this?

  2. Stacey – thanks for the question. People do not have to upgrade their existing driveways, if it is there, it is grandfathered. However, “new” construction requires a sealed surface. The sealed surface requirement has been in place for over a decade according to the City Manager, the changes just relate to people parking on their yards. This does not force people to upgrade their existing driveways nor does not prohibit them from parking on them.

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