Council awards turbine, GPWA has a temporary home

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With two meetings and a work shop, the Guthrie Public Works Authority and City Council worked through a busy consent agenda in their regular scheduled Tuesday meeting.

All council members were in attendance with the exception of council woman Patty Hazelwood who was ill.

All consent agenda items and resolutions were approved unanimously with the exception of one that was removed from the agenda and another revised.

The council removed the consideration of declaring an emergency on the rebuilding of the Municipal Service Facility, equipment sheds and the repair of the Street Department Building, due to legal obligations, that were severely damaged in the May 24th tornado.

“We have not been able to find where the state authorities us to do it,” City Manager Matt Mueller said in the workshop. “I don’t think we have the legal mechanism to go with this route so we will have to go through the traditional bid process.”

The idea was in hopes to save money by waiving the bid process and allow the insurance company to negotiate with the buildings

The consent item of authorizing sale of water to Marilyn Emery for the development of her property, located south of Roosevelt and East of Pine Street, was approved with revisions to develop property into a residential subdivision with at least 15 homes.

Portion of the land resides in Guthrie with the other portion in the County. Emery is seeking to purchase City water and the development to hook to the City sewer. According to Emery and her broker, Rural Water gave them a time frame of two years to bring water to the property and does not fit their time frame. The council wishes to have that in writing and keep all revenue separated until further notice is given due to pending litigation with Rural Water.

GPWA moving across town

A temporary home for the GPWA was named while they await for their buildings to be repaired. Their new temporary building will be located at 1923 Ruhl Drive in the vacant building that once held Ruhl Distributing. The insurance approved the six month rent cost of $3,500 a month and the month-to-month cost afterwards if needed.

Wind turbine coming soon

An american made wind turbine will be making its way to the Guthrie Public Works Authority Waste Water Treatment this year.

The council approved to award the contract with P & K Energy for the turn‐key acquisition, installation and commissioning of a 100MW wind turbine generator to provide electric power to the City of Guthrie, Guthrie Public Works Authority Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The project, which is now in phase two, is a grant that requires no match by the City. It is estimated the american made turbine will save an estimated $1500 a month and will serve half the needs at the plant. The overall cost of the project comes just over $700,000.

In other business, the council approved a notice to proceed to Garver Engineers for the design and bidding phases of the PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicators) project at the Guthrie-Edmond Regional Airport. The project comes in at $122,000 and will be paid out in a grant by 95% and 2.5% each from Guthrie and Edmond.

* The GPWA will look for resolution and/or agreement with The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co. to receipt and disbursement of funds from a Contract Financial Assistance grant from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board.

Guthrie was awarded $1,500,00.00 in a Contract Financial Assistance grant from the OWRB, for the recent sewer project, and must be disbursed by June 30th by the OWRB.

“In order to properly get the funds to Guthrie, the OWRB has requested an agreement between the Authority and the Trustee Bank which will hold the funds on behalf of the City until they are disbursed for the project,” Mueller said.

* Permission was granted to apply for a grant with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation to purchase trees for planting near the south Guthrie exit and a portion of South Division. The grant would be a 75/25 match which would be a value of $7,500.00.

“Our proposal will include a combination of eighty Crepe Myrtle, Arizona Cypress, Amur Maple trees, mulch, and gator bags, which will be used to provide water to the trees,” Mueller said.

Other notable consent items approved were the donation of retired fire equipment to the Coyle Fire Department, approval of the Declaration of a Disaster Emergency Proclamation for the January snow storm, agreement renewal with Sodexo Operations, LLC for the use of Highland Hall and enable the collection of the annual fee of the local 911 service on landline telephones.


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