Driver identified, arrested with GPD new camera tracking system

Photo courtesy of the Guthrie Police Department's Facebook page.

While the Guthrie Police Department continues to fully implement its Automated License Plate Readers (ALPR) system, the department was able to make an arrest using the new cameras system.

Last month, Guthrie News Page was the first to bring you the department’s latest technology to assist with investigations using the Flock Safety Automated License Plate Readers with 12 cameras spread out throughout the area. Related Article: Guthrie Police Department using new cameras to track wanted vehicles, crack down on crime

The camera system captures a vehicle’s fingerprint by reading the license plate, make, model, color, and number of times the vehicle has been seen. The system does not detect people and is not used for traffic enforcement.

Police said on April 28 they were able to use the system regarding a hit and run that occurred between two businesses on W. Cleveland in downtown Guthrie.

Surveillance footage from the Guthrie Public Library helped determine that a red Ford truck had fled the scene.

Using the ALPR system, officers entered the simple description “red Ford pickup” and were able to positively identify the vehicle in mere moments by matching window stickers seen in the surveillance video to stickers seen in the ALPR picture. The ALPR picture also provided police with a tag number to follow up on.

An investigator contacted the suspect and was later determined that the driver’s license was suspended, the driver had an outstanding arrest warrant from Garfield County and the driver had a history of alcohol-related driving offenses, according to police.

The driver was taken into custody on the warrant and is facing charges related to the collision.

Police said this crime would have gone unsolved without the ALPR camera system.

A spokesperson with the department said, “This is not the biggest crime in the world, but it meant the world to our victim. We are extremely happy to have been able to serve our community with this new and effective tool,” the spokesperson said.


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