Drought shuts down wake board park

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The drought that has hit Guthrie and a major part of the state this summer is having a big impact on a local business that depends on water.

The Wake Zone, located just east of I-35 at 901 E Camp Road, has temporarily closed down their park due to low water levels. The cable park has been wake board free since July 23rd.

Guthrie endured the warmest July on record with an average high of 104.9 with just one day not reaching triple digits. August is not too far behind in the first 24 days with an average high of 102.7.

On the Wake Zone website it says, “Oklahoma’s extreme drought conditions have lowered the water level in our cable lake to a point where safety is a concern.”

“We care about our customers and don’t want to see any participants get hurt.”

The cable park will extend annual pass riders time and the pro shop will open by appointment.

For more information contact Wake Zone at 405-443-3636.


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