Guthrie Rotary Club seeking donations to help God’s Food Bank, Meals on Wheels

The Guthrie Rotary Club is assisting two local charities with financial assistance and is looking for support from the community to help reach their goals.

God’s Food Bank: $2,000

The Guthrie Rotary Club is requesting $2,000 to support the food bank with product. This money will pay for the groceries needed to open the food bank for two weeks. The food bank serves 250 people per day. Our product donation will serve 1,000 people in need in Guthrie, OK. The budgeted cost for one week is $1,000. Our support will cover two weeks of services.

Our club will match labor each Tuesday of the week we are supporting. The Regional Food Bank delivers food every Tuesday, and we will be there to stock shelves and organize product that comes in for that week’s shoppers. We will work three hours per day to help stock and organize. Stock times are 8:30-11:30 am each Tuesday. The food bank is currently not taking volunteers during public shopping hours due to COVID-19.

Each week when the food bank receives their invoice, it will be sent to our club, and we will disperse the funds. Funds will not exceed $2,000 total. Our club president or secretary will deliver the check within 48 hours of receiving the invoice.

Logan County Council on Aging – Meals on Wheels: $1,000

Our local meals on wheels program serves hundreds of people per week. During COVID-19, the routes for delivery have increased to eight routes of 10-12 deliveries, from five routes. The Council also provides a walk-in meal service for those who can travel.

During COVID-19, the Council has added an additional service. Grocery sacks of non-perishable foods and simple cleaning supplies are being left with the non-mobile recipients. Many of these individuals have been left with no one to grocery shop for them. Many of them normally ride our local trollies in Guthrie to get to the grocery store, however since they are a high-risk population, they have been told to stay home.

The director of Meals on wheels has been contacting the recipients to find out what they need, and what diet restrictions they have. She will provide us a list of residents that includes their age and about 10 items that we will provide to them in a package so they don’t have to leave the home. Our club members will take the list, do the shopping, and organize the product in to the proper bags. Our club also assists every month with deliveries, so we will help with these as well. Any funds leftover from the leave-behind grocery needs will be used to purchase additional food for the meal program that is already in place.


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