Logan County filings November 29, 2021

Following actions were filed in the District Court of Logan County for November 29, 2021.

Bondsman License (BL)

BL-2021-29In Re: Out of County Bondsman Crystal Elizabeth Phillips

Criminal Felony (CF)

CF-2021-269State of Oklahoma v. Schmidt, Kenneth Leonard
CF-2021-270State of Oklahoma v. Hopgood, Keith Duane Jr.
CF-2021-271State of Oklahoma v. Coates, Brian Alan

Criminal Misdemeanor (CM)

CM-2021-390State of Oklahoma v. Cook, Zachariah Ezekiel james don
CM-2021-391State of Oklahoma v. Christopher, Nicholas Darrod

Family and Domestic (FD)

FD-2021-187In re the Marriage of: Egas Yong, Carlos A and Egas, Hillary L
FD-2021-188In re the Marriage of: Chambers, John Timothy and Chambers, Donna Marie

Protective Order (PO)

PO-2021-158Charity Jean Maxwell v. Keith Dewayne Hobgood

Small Claims (SC)

SC-2021-296Dan Harms v. Chris Harms


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