Multiple projects underway in District 1

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When the Board of County Commissioners meet at 9:00 a.m. Monday, April 30 for their regularly scheduled meeting, work that is underway to improve county infrastructure will be reflected on the agenda. District 1 will present ten programming resolutions for approval by the commissioners for projects recently funded through the Surface Transportation Program administered by the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG).

Nine of these projects will be funded 100% through federal safety funds. This means the county is not obligated to provide the 20% match commonly required when federal monies are involved.
Five of the projects are for pavement markings, inclusive of one mile of Charter Oak Rd. from Penn to Western, two miles of Simmons from Bryant to Sooner, two miles of Kelly Ave. from Waterloo to Charter Oak, three and one-half miles of Western Ave. north of Waterloo and two miles of Penn from Waterloo north. Since each of these roads are major collectors, they meet the qualifications for federal funding.
The remaining resolutions are for three areas of guardrail on Seward Rd. and a resurfacing project on Simpson Rd. from Sooner to Coltrane. The resurfacing project will require a 20% match from the county.
Total funding approved by ACOG for all nine projects is $416,342. After learning earlier this year that our applications for the projects were approved, we began the process to complete the series of steps which will allow us to reach the bid letting stage. These include programming resolutions, preparation of plans, a plan-in-hand meeting between the county, the engineer and ODOT officials, environmental plans and clearance, right-of-way plans and clearance, final plans, and finally, the bid opening. When work actually begins, it is because many steps have been completed to make it happen.
District 1 will also have a contract agreement with ODOT on Monday’s agenda for paving five miles of Coltrane Rd. from Waterloo to Seward. This multi-million dollar project will be funded through the state County Improvements for Roads and Bridges Program (CIRB) and will be completed in phases. Many steps are involved in this process also. Soon we will soon be working with ODOT to select a right-of-way acquisition firm for the project.
One of the simpler agreements on Monday’s agenda will be a lease purchase agreement between ODOT and District 1 for a new John Deere tractor and boom mower. While other projects sometimes require 36 steps, this one might just come in under five.
Mark Sharpton
County Commissioner
District 1


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