Police tip leads to arrest for child, sexual abuse

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Information provided by the Edmond Police Department led to the arrest of a man in Logan County on eight counts of child sexual abuse, two counts of child neglect and two counts of child abuse.

Brian Shaw Montgomery (05-24-1972) was taken into custody from his home at 321 West Chisolm Trail without incident. Detectives are still actively working the case according to Logan County Chief Deputy Rob Groseclose.

The male and female victims are the children of Montgomery. The children’s mother is estranged and the children have been put in the state’s custody.

“Logan County detectives received information forwarded from Edmond Police Department back on August 26 which lead to the subsequent investigation and arrest of Montgomery for the 13 felony counts,” Groseclose said.

A school counselor with Edmond Public Schools, where the two children attended, tipped off deputes about the suspected abuse.

The accusations are said to occur between the years 2007 and  2011.

A bond of $260,000 was set for Montgomery, who remains in jail, and the maxmium penalties could be life in prison.


2 Comments on "Police tip leads to arrest for child, sexual abuse"

  1. What a complete sick ass…hope he gets what he deserves.

  2. While at home, My children were happy, artistic, loving children. I raised them, alone for the first 7 years of their lives with no support. We lived a comfortable but meager life together. I worked two jobs to support them, We had “Believe it or Not Fact or Fiction” Fridays, My son and daughter were my world and everything in it. I had a strong support system that aided in child care. I NOT NOW, NOR HAVE EVER, abandoned my children! Telephonic contact is all that was allowed unless my son snuck to his friend’s home and before school typed to me on Facebook. I fought an arduous battle in the court system for my children. There were two CONFIRMED findings of abuse linked to this man previous AND a sexual abuse alleged post-trial but the court ignored them, stated that I’d coached the children into alleging the abuse charges and gave him full custody of these children when I lost my car and had to opt between paying my lawyer or keeping my lights on during discoveries. I have attempted to visit and was chased away with threats of being jailed for trespassing. After two years of trial and a dog bite to my daughter’s face (which was scoffed at by Mr. Montgomery, the children’s Guardian Ad Litem AND the presiding judge) I sung from the mountain tops for anyone who’s listen…no one I MEAN NO ONE DID!3 years ago my daughter called 911 and stated she’s been molested by her father and and the Logan County DHS called me and asked me if I told her to allege the abuse outright. I am the mother of these children, I was pushed out and the courts and Mr. Montgomery’s family money paid to do it. My lawyer, disgraced and appalled at the outcome of things during trial for the children stated, “You do not know how many social gatherings these people have been to together. This is why it’s like we’re fighting a losing battle.” As I lingered over the sight of the opposing attorney, and Mr. Montgomery eating together at a downtown Oklahoma Subway restaurant during trial recess happily dining at the same table.

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