Popular 602 Bistro inside Dominion House closes

The popular restaurant — 602 Bistro — inside the Dominion House has closed for business, according to staff.

A text message was sent out on Tuesday to a customer, who had a weekend reservation.

“To our valued customers – effective today Tuesday, Aug. 17th, 2021, we have made the difficult decision to close the business of 602 Bistro. We are grateful and thankful for your kind kind patronage and support over the years.”

On-site staff at the Dominion House confirmed the message on Wednesday morning citing they were unable to recover from the effects of COVID-19.

The hotel and banquet room, along with wedding receptions, will continue at the Dominion House.

The Dominion House, located at 602 E. College, is hoping to continue the igloo-theme dinner setting — with a limited menu — for events, private parties and banquets (with a reservation).

The Dominion House was built in 1923 as a masonic children’s home. The home was operated until 1978 when it was closed due to changes in the Oklahoma foster care law. It remained vacant until 2000, when it was purchased and renovated.


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