Pursuit in Guthrie leads to arrest of convicted felon


In the early morning hours on Wednesday, what began as a traffic stop swiftly escalated into a chase that ended with an arrest.

A Guthrie police officer attempted to pull over a vehicle with tags registered to a different car. The driver, 39-year-old Ryan Andrew Boyster, instead floored the gas pedal and initiated a dangerous pursuit down E. Noble.

The chase snaked through the city, eventually veering onto S. Midwest Blvd. The pursuit came to a crashing halt north of Browne Ave. when Boyster lost control of his vehicle.

Despite the crash, Boyster wasn’t ready to give up. He fled on foot, but his escape was short-lived. With the assistance of Logan County Sheriff’s Office Deputies, the GPD managed to apprehend Boyster.

He was arrested on multiple charges, including felony eluding, possession of a firearm after a felony conviction, possession of paraphernalia, and affixing an unauthorized license plate with the intent to conceal the identity of the vehicle.

Boyster, who has multiple guilty pleas to past crimes, awaits his formal hearing behind bars at the Logan County Detention Center.


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