Senator to host legislative study on cell phone use in schools

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Senator Adam Pugh (R-Edmond) is set to lead a legislative interim study aimed at evaluating the impact of cellphone use among students in schools. This initiative will convene national experts to discuss both the advantages and challenges of integrating cell phones into educational settings.

Sen. Pugh, who chairs the Senate Education Committee, emphasized the importance of understanding the multifaceted implications of cellphone use in schools. “Our goal is to gather comprehensive data and insights from a variety of perspectives to make informed decisions that best support our students’ education and well-being,” said Sen. Pugh. “We are inviting top experts from across the country to ensure a robust and balanced discussion. Their knowledge and experience will be invaluable as we explore this complex issue.”

The study will include presentations from leading authorities in education technology, child psychology, and school administration. Discussions will cover topics such as the potential for cell phones to enhance learning through educational apps and resources, as well as concerns related to distractions, cyberbullying, and data privacy.

The interim study is scheduled to take place at a date yet to be determined at the Oklahoma State Capitol. The findings and recommendations from this study will inform potential legislation in the upcoming session.

By hosting this study, Sen. Pugh aims to address the pressing questions surrounding cell phone use in schools and to develop strategies that can positively impact student learning and safety.


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