Students relax and celebrate Dr. Seuss birthday

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Students throughout the Guthrie school district spent a day in their pajamas and some even brought their pillows and blankets to their classroom as they spent the day reading in honor of Dr. Seuss Day.

Supt. Mike Simpson took time out to read to Mrs. Jamie Alexander's second grade students celebrated Dr. Suess' birthday. Photo By Chris Evans

Supt. Mike Simpson took time out to read to Mrs. Jamie Alexander’s second grade students as they celebrated Dr. Suess’ birthday. Photo By Chris Evans

Along with their night gear, students were spotted wearing the famous red and white-striped hats while reading Dr. Seuss books and sharing stories.

The second grade students in Jamie Alexander’s classroom got a special surprise when Superintendent Dr. Mike Simpson, donning his own Dr. Seuss hat, came in and read them a book. Afterwards, Dr. Simpson urged all the students to try to read a book each night before going to bed.

The National Education Association helps sponsor the celebration of Read Across America which is the nation’s largest reading event, which is tied to the March 2 birthday of the author known as Dr. Seuss.


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  1. Michele Privett-Brown | March 4, 2013 at 2:42 pm | Reply

    Just not the same as Jon “Cat in the Hat” Gumerson showing up in full Cat in the Hat suit! I loved that man. He is missed.

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