Ask Dr. Anna: The key to prevent barking

Barking is a natural instinct that dogs exhibit for many reasons. Unfortunately, it also one of the most common complaints of dog owners and their neighbors. Territorial protection, separation anxiety, anxiety, frustration and exposure to new or unusual sounds, sights or odors are the main reasons why dogs bark. The question is how do you […]

Ask Dr. Anna: Pregnant women may be infected by cats

  Are you pregnant or know someone that is pregnant and has a cat in the household?  Then you need to read this article about Toxoplasmosis.  Pregnant women infected with the Toxoplasma organism are prone to having miscarriages or babies born with birth defects.  Toxoplasma is a parasite that can infect all species of warm blooded […]

Ask Dr. Anna: Ticks can transmit diseases to dogs and people

Ticks can transmit diseases to dogs and people.  In fact, the CDC has reported that ticks in every U.S. state carry diseases and that the number of tick-borne diseases is increasing.  I can testify to that as we are seeing more dogs than ever with tick transmitted diseases.  At Guthrie Pet Hospital we have a […]

Ask Dr. Anna: Preventative medicine with your pets

A major portion of my job is devoted to keeping pets healthy with preventative medicine.  Preventative medicine includes vaccinations, at least one yearly comprehensive physical exam, nutritional consultation, and intestinal parasites and heartworm medication.  With the proper wellness plan your pet can live longer, avoid painful conditions and by detecting problems early your pet can […]

Ask Dr. Anna: proper care for orphaned kittens

  I can tell that spring is approaching, as we are starting to see abandoned puppies and kittens.  In fact, I have three dachshund, terrier mixes at the clinic that are about 6 weeks old that need to be adopted.  So this week I will review proper care for orphaned kittens.

Ask Dr. Anna: does your dog lick excessively?

Do you have a dog that licks everything or licks excessively?  This behavior is called excessive licking of surfaces or ELS.  Many dogs presented with excessive licking are diagnosed with an obsessive-compulsive disorder and are treated with antidepressants. However, studies have shown that many dogs with these symptoms have a gastrointestinal disorder and not a […]

Ask Dr. Anna: hairballs worthy of veterinary attention

  Hairballs, are they just a normal nuisance or a sign that something is wrong?  Most cat owners believe that hair balls aren’t worthy of veterinary attention.  However, frequent elimination of hairballs can be an indication of an underlying chronic skin or gastrointestinal disease. 

Anna Coffin: Is your dog or cat constantly dizzy?

Can you imagine constantly being dizzy and not knowing which way is up? This commonly happens to older dogs and cats and is known as vestibular disease. The symptoms of vestibular syndrome are similar to the symptoms of a stroke. However, a stroke is caused by a vascular accident (blood clot) in the brain and […]