Terra Insure Group offers Kick for Cash

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For the second straight season, the Terra Insure Group is sponsoring a Kick For Cash Contest that could make someone $10,000 richer.

During the halftime of the Homecoming game between Guthrie and Western Heights, three lucky winners, who will be randomly drawn during the game, will get three and perhaps four opportunities to kick for cash.

The first field goal attempt will come from the goal line for $100 if it splits the uprights. Following that kick, the contestants will move back to the 10-yard line for a chance of winning an additional $150. Then the contestants will move back to the 20-yard line for their chance to win another $500. Finally, if a participant makes all three kicks then they will have a decision to make.

A decision for $10,000.

The participant who makes all three field goals can walk away with $750, or they can cash it all in and attempt a $10,000 kick from the 40-yard line.

What would you do?

You can sign up for the drawing at the Terra Insure Group offices located at 2403 S. Division, on their website www.tigok.com/, on their Facebook page, or call the offices at (405) 293-4880.

The Homecoming game is set for Friday evening inside Jelsma Stadium with the start time at 7:30 p.m.


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