Updates to Capital Improvement Projects with key developments

In a significant step forward for Guthrie’s infrastructure, city officials have made notable progress on several Capital Improvement Projects (CIP).

On Tuesday, city officials interviewed construction management firms for both the second fire and EMS station and the municipal pool project. City Manager Eddie Faulkner expressed optimism about the process and anticipated having results soon to move forward with these essential projects.

“We’re looking forward to the results and should have something soon to be ready to move forward on those projects,” Faulkner said.

Water Towers and ADA Compliance

The city has also signed a task order with Myers Engineering to address the water towers. Both facilities have been tested for lead paint to ensure compliance with regulations. The next steps involve sandblasting, removing the paint, and ensuring all regulatory standards are met.

Additionally, efforts to upgrade intersections to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards are underway, also in collaboration with Myers Engineering. Faulkner mentioned that CIP number two projects are progressing well, with visible work expected by October of this year.

Sidewalk Project Enhancements

The sidewalk project along Division Street is making excellent progress. The crew’s performance has been commendable, and the city is pleased with the work. An important aspect of the project is the preservation and addition of brick on the sidewalks. The community can expect more bricks than what previously existed, ensuring that all original bricks will either remain or be put back.

“This is a big point for the community to be reminded that no brick will be lost on this project,” Faulkner assured.

These developments signal Guthrie’s commitment to enhancing its infrastructure and ensuring compliance with modern standards, promising significant benefits for the community.


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