USDA revises rules for school lunches; new prices for upcoming year

Parents across the country, including in Guthrie, will notice changes in the school lunch pricing from what has been in place over the last two years. Last night, the Guthrie Board of Education approved the price for meals served to students.

The board approved a 10-cent increase for all breakfast and lunch meals.

“We are required, by law, from the USDA to raise to the amount that we are recommending,” Superintendent Dr. Mike Simpson said to board members at Monday night’s meeting.

All student meals were provided at no cost to the student for the previous two years. Recently, the U. S. Department of Agriculture which administers the Federal School Lunch Program returned to the pre-COVID practice of requiring students to qualify for free or reduced meals based on household income.

“It is very important that parents complete the free and reduced meal application so our staff can review them for eligibility prior to the start of school,” Simpson said in a release. “We want parents to be prepared for this change which was out of our control.”

The current enrollment process includes an application for all parents to complete, allowing the district to review household eligibility for free or reduced meal costs.

Child Nutrition account balances have been transferred to the new student information system, Infinite Campus, and parents may review those balances after completing their parent portal registration.

Meal prices for the 2022-23 school year by grade are as follows:

PreK-6 Breakfast $1.70

7-12 Breakfast $1.80

PreK-4 Lunch $3.00

5-6 Lunch $3.20

7-12 Lunch $3.30


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