Video: Cast members talk about filming in Guthrie

The latest movie to film in Guthrie wrapped up earlier this month after spending weeks in Guthrie. Members of that film recently spoke about filming in Guthrie and what they enjoyed about Oklahoma’s first capital.

The Mustard Seed is a faith-based drama about 12-year-old Sara Hopkins, the most devoted member of her family. On a trip to visit her grandfather, Sara is convinced that she sees God near the bank of a river at her grand-dad’s favorite fishing spot.

Coupled with this vision, she finds herself able to bring a dead bird back to life. Of course, no one in her family believes her, but as the days pass, Sara is able to cure a number of other people who have faith in her “sighting.” Soon, her family, the locals, even the press are clamoring to know more about this little girl “who can perform miracles.”

Aaron Ryburn with the City of Guthrie visited with members of the movies and got their thoughts on the movie and working in Guthrie.


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