Watch: OBN, Logan County SWAT Team execute search warrant


In a coordinated effort, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics executed a search warrant at a residence in the Silent Harvest Addition on the city’s west side. The operation, carried out with the assistance of the Logan County SWAT team, aimed to apprehend a suspect believed to be involved in narcotics activities.

The Logan County SWAT team deployed their Mine Resistant Ambush Protective (MRAP) vehicle, which was prominently parked in front of the residence during the operation. Despite numerous attempts by a negotiator using a loudspeaker to coax the suspect out of the house, there was no immediate response.

After several unsuccessful attempts to establish communication, officers fired two rounds of gas into the home to encourage the suspect to surrender. While the officers were waiting for the suspect to emerge, an unexpected development occurred: a man approached the house, questioning the presence of the police. He was swiftly taken into custody.

Upon interrogation, the detained individual informed officers that the man they were searching for was not inside the house. This information proved accurate, as the primary suspect was not found within the residence. However, during the operation, the individual who had approached the house was discovered to be in possession of narcotics and was subsequently arrested at the scene.

Authorities continue to investigate the situation.


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