Week one wraps up in Amy Holder case

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The state of Oklahoma called six witnesses to the stand in the Amy Holder case on Friday inside the Logan County court house.

Holder was the foster mom for  2-year-old Naomi Whitecrow when she died in Holder’s home on January 20, 2009.

The trial started Tuesday with jury selection and opening arguments were heard on Wednesday. The 12-person jury includes eight females and four males. The two alternate jurors are females as all 14 could be seen writing on note pads throughout the week.

The Logan County District Attorney’s Office said Naomi had numerous injuries including “blunt force trauma” and “multiple contusions and abrasions” all over her body, but Holder’s high-profile attorney says she is innocent.

“There’s no evidence. She didn’t do anything wrong. She never hurt this child. No one ever saw her hurt the child,” attorney Scott Adams said.

Holder has been charged with felony child abuse in connection with the death.  Investigators said Naomi had been living with Holder for four months before her death.

The Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office never determined an exact cause of death, but an Indiana  pathologist was able to review the evidence and reported the girl died of  blunt-force injury to the head, abdomen and extremities.

The state called a daycare worker, a foster-mother who housed Whitecrow’s younger brother, a DHS case worker, a case worker with SoonerCare and a pediatrician among others on day four of the trial.

Guthrie News Page was inside the court room on Friday as witnesses were asked the well-being of Naomi months and days before her passing.

Holder, who is a mother of three children, began fostering Naomi in September 2008 after Kayla Whitecrow, Naomi’s mother, checked into a substance abuse facility.

DHS became involved in the case in 2008 when asked to  intervene when a baby boy, Naomi’s younger brother, tested positive for cocaine at a hospital.

The trial is set to resume on Monday at 9:00 a.m.


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  1. The community should understand that even though the state medical examiner’s office could not determine a cause of death, they did conclude Naomi died “under suspicious circumstances.”

  2. Chris,

    Will you be providing more information regarding the Amy Holder trial? It would be greatly appreciated.



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