Woman escapes custody; man’s vehicle stolen, found in Weatherford

Updated on December 29, 2021 — Two people have been charged with multiple counts in Logan County.

Amber Cottrell was charged with larceny of a stolen automobile and receiving stolen property. She was given a $20,000 bond, but as of Wednesday morning remained in custody inside the Logan County Jail.

Last week, Cottrell was also charged with escape from arrest

Kyler Womack was charged with harboring a fugitive and receiving stolen property. He was given a $10,000 bond and has since made bond.

Both are expected back in court on Jan. 27.

A Guthrie woman sits in the Logan County jail after escaping the custody of a Logan County deputy, reportedly stealing a vehicle and hiding out until she was once again taken into custody.

On Monday, a deputy traveled to Payne County and picked up Amber Marie Cottrell, 30, of Guthrie on a Logan County bench warrant for failure to appear.

As they arrived to the jail through the sally port, the deputy got Cottrell out of the vehicle to be taken into the booking area. However, she took off running towards Jelsma Stadium and in the process was able to slip one of her handcuffs and continued to run.

Despite a search of the area, deputies were unable to locate her.

Soon after the escape, the Guthrie Police Department received a stolen vehicle complaint on E. Vilas — approximately 200 yards from the jail. The reporting party said a silver 2002 Toyota RAV4 was taken from their residence.

The owner of the vehicle tells Guthrie News Page that police were able to locate some of his personal property (from his car) inside the residence where Cottrell was later taken into custody.

Guthrie Police confirmed with Guthrie News Page that Cottrell is the main suspect in the stolen vehicle. While writing this article, Guthrie News Page has learned the stolen vehicle was found at a grocery store parking lot — by law enforcement — in Weatherford. Police also confirmed that Kyler Womack has been taken into police custody.

The owner of the vehicle tells Guthrie News Page there is video believed to be of Cottrell “walking down my street and later my car driving off.”

On Tuesday morning, deputies kept surveillance around a home in the 1500 block of E. Perkins after learning where Cottrell may be hiding.

Deputies approached the home and were told by the tenant that nobody was inside the residence. Later, the tenant allowed deputies inside to search and as they did the tenant reportedly said, “come on guys, they know you are in here.”

As deputies entered, Womack exited the home and was taken into investigative detention. Deputies eventually found Cottrell hiding in a bedroom closet.

Cottrell, who pleaded guilty to second degree burglary in August, was booked into the county jail on Tuesday, while Womack was released without charges until the stolen vehicle was found on Wednesday.

Cottrell and Womack are expected to face multiple charges, according to police.


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