Ask Dr. Anna: 5 ways to help your dog enjoy grooming

As a professional groomer, I’m often faced with the challenge of having to soothe a dog who doesn’t enjoy the experience. While some dogs genuinely enjoy their spa day, there are many dogs who become anxious, frightened, or stressed when they visit. No matter how hard I try to make every dog’s experience a positive one, there’s only so much I can do during the actual grooming process to alleviate a dog’s stress. Believe me when I say that I want every dog to enjoy their grooming—a happy, relaxed dog is much, much easier to groom. I can speak gently, offer treats, give calming touches, and move slowly but if a dog is frightened or stressed past their threshold, none of these things makes a great deal of difference.

Some of my clients have also mentioned that they are using CBD to help them relax and ease their nerves. Nervousness is never a pleasant state to be in. CBD can assuage the condition of your dog or cat and allow them to enjoy being with you, as well as other animals, click here to learn more about CBD oil for pets.

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