Attorney General: Monthly column to inform you

As your Attorney General, I plan to pen a monthly column to inform you about issues I believe will be of interest to my fellow Oklahomans. My role as the state’s chief law enforcement officer affects many aspects of public safety, and I often use my authority to protect your rights and defend Oklahoma from the federal government’s constant overreach.

I am proud to be a seventh-generation Oklahoman. It was in 1886 when Frederick Drummond, recently emigrated from Scotland, came to Osage County. The Drummond Family has called the Osage home ever since. My forbears engaged in many business ventures over the decades, including ranching – a passion that I inherited.

I grew up with the same values so many of us in Oklahoma share: hard work, personal responsibility, and integrity. I was taught that a handshake is my word, and my word is my bond.

A pivotal year for me came when I turned 14. My grandfather offered some advice that has resonated with me ever since. He told me that every generation bears a responsibility to preserve our freedoms and make the world better for future generations. One important way to fulfill that duty, he added, was through public service.

Those words stuck with me. After graduation from Oklahoma State University, I resolved to serve my country. I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and became a fighter pilot. After years of training, I led the first combat mission of the Gulf War. I am proud to have served this great nation in times of war and peace.

With my military service completed, I yearned to return home and raise my family. I completed law school and began a successful career as an attorney and businessman.

I had served my country, but I still longed to serve my state. The People of Oklahoma gave me that opportunity when they elected me as Attorney General in 2022.

I have been focused on three key priorities ever since: ridding our state of the illegal marijuana grow operations run by Mexican cartels and Chinese nationals; ensuring openness and transparency at all levels of government; and protecting the God-given rights of my fellow Oklahomans in the face of federal overreach.

To be sure, there are many other issues where I get involved. I am a strong defender of religious liberty. I believe we should work in partnership with our Native American Tribes who create thousands of jobs and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue that funds key priorities for our state. And I always stand up for Oklahoma consumers when I feel they have been wronged.

Above all, I swore an oath to uphold the United States Constitution. The wisdom of our Founding Fathers remains just as relevant today as it was when we declared our independence in 1776.

I look forward to keeping you updated on the important work happening in your Attorney General’s office. I am honored to serve, and I am excited about what the future holds.


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