The right kind of leadership

Before this year’s legislative session, pundits opined about the divided Republican caucus in the House. The 2012 session had not been an easy one and those pundits enjoyed pointing to the allegedly fractured group of Republican Representatives and perhaps predicting ensuing chaos. Those predictions did not come true in part due to extremely effective leadership […]

The Assimilation

As the legislative session came to a close last week, it was my job to filter incoming bills. Lobbyists are notorious for putting dramatic last minute proposals into bills in the final days of session. They hope their changes will go unnoticed and may write the new law so that it is difficult to understand. They […]

I Will Vote No!

All indications point to this being the last week of this year’s legislative session. The Legislature will go home a week early. This is good news for Oklahomans as not only will there be cost savings but all Oklahomans should breathe a sigh of relief when the Legislature stops making new laws a week ahead […]

Visualizing TWO BILLION DOLLARS of State Debt Email

You may have seen recent news reports detailing how Britain’s national debt now equals 90% of its entire economy. The Daily Mail published a graph showing the acceleration of the UK’s debt since 1992. I noted that although on a larger scale, the UK debt accelerated at a significantly slower rate than Oklahoma’s state debt […]

Continued opposition to the federal healthcare proposal

Oklahoma legislators have become rather accustomed to receiving emails and calls from those who are intensely worried about ongoing federal overreach. Many of these contacts are from those who want state officials to do whatever is possible to stop the federal government’s attempted expansion into the healthcare venue. Based on this input, I know it […]

Oklahoma IT modernization effort featured in national publication

Oklahoma’s modernization reform efforts have drawn national attention following the publication of a cover story about the consolidation of Oklahoma’s information technology infrastructure in the just released winter edition of Public CIO magazine. The story describes the cooperation between Oklahoma’s legislative and executive branch officials to put into effect the state’s plan to breakdown interagency […]

Two elected officials who are not playing the game

In 2010, the state electorate gave a vote of confidence to a new wave of state-level office holders. Nearly all of these candidates ran on a conservative platform of small government. I have closely observed the performance of these new office holders. Would they follow through on their conservative promises or would they become co-opted […]

Decrease the pay of legislators

State Rep. Jason Murphey today announced his mid-March tradition of a yearly donation of $8,241.92 from his legislative salary to the Guthrie-based Crossroads Clinic. Oklahoma legislators are some of the highest paid part-time legislators in the nation, making more than double the regional average. Murphey uses the donation to demonstrate that legislators in Oklahoma should not […]

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