More About the 2011 Modernization Reforms

I wanted to write just one more article describing some of the reform in this year’s successful Government Modernization legislation. These reforms put into place a comprehensive framework to increase the transparency of state government process, lower the cost of government to the taxpayer, and significantly enhance the ability of the citizen to access government […]

Consolidating State Agencies‏

Last week I wrote about the large number of modernization initiatives that were approved this year by members of the Government Modernization Committee, the Legislature and Governor. In that article I described a small sampling of these initiatives. These efforts were designed to result in cost savings and greater transparency. In this week’s update I […]

23 Modernization Initiatives Going Into Law

This year was by far the most successful year for legislative state government modernization reform proposals. In all, 23 significant government modernization initiatives have been identified. Each of this initiatives was considered by either the House Government Modernization standing or conference committee and all were approved by the Legislature and signed into law by the […]

Cutting Logan County Taxes‏

It is my belief thatLogan County’s high sales tax rate has been a deterrent to retail-based economic growth. In 2005, the county made the unfortunate decision to increase taxes to the maximum amount allowed by state law. This placed Logan County businesses at a significant disadvantage when compared to their counterparts in other metro area […]

Staying Focused

Earlier this year, I wrote about my decision to help bring attention to the need for a federal balanced budget amendment. I enjoyed the opportunity to document the significant amount of support in the Oklahoma Legislature for ratifying the amendment if Congress would just give us the opportunity to do so.

Supporting the balanced budget amendment‏

Last month, a grassroots group known as Pass the Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) sought support from legislators across the nation to bring attention to the need for a balanced budget amendment to the United States constitution. Since three-fourths of the states must ratify any constitutional amendment, it is important for state legislators to support the […]

Oklahoma Legislators Prepared to Ratify

A group of 42 Oklahoma legislators have signed on in support of a proposed federal Balanced Budget Amendment. On Tuesday, the group sent a letter to the U.S. congressional sponsors of the proposal and Oklahoma’s congressional delegation. The letter expresses the legislators’ support of the Balanced Budget Amendment and declares the legislators’ intent to work […]