Commissioner Meadows says transgender people “need some help”; calling for a traditional marriage resolution

This past Sunday, Easter and the resurrection of Jesus were celebrated all across the country. On the same day, President Joe Biden issued a proclamation for Transgender Day of Visibility. The proclamation stirred up discussions across the nation, including Logan County.

“Yesterday the President of the United States declared Resurrection Sunday to be a day of trans recognition. I personally find that despicable,” District 2 Commissioner Charlie Meadows said during the comment portion of the regularly scheduled Logan County Board of County Commissioners meeting Monday morning.

Biden has issued the same proclamation each year on March 31 since he took office in 2021. Easter is observed on the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after the spring equinox with this year falling on March 31.

Meadows said, “The trans people, they certainly need some help. Whether they suffer from mental or social or emotional harm I don’t know which, but they need help. They don’t need approval. I find that very reprehensible.”

The commissioner, who intends to file paperwork this week to seek re-election, won a special election in June to serve the remaining four-year term that expires Dec. 31, 2024.

Meadows said he plans to bring a resolution to the BOCC in May that will make June a traditional marriage month.

“I intend to have a resolution presented to this board sometime in May because June is the month they have more prides and marriages than any other time and June is the month they like to recognize homosexual marriages,” Meadows said.

“I plan on formulating a resolution recognizing June as a traditional marriage month.”

The commissioner later referred to a pride event that took place last summer on the grounds of The Shoppes, which is a public space in the downtown area owned by the City of Guthrie. The event organizers filled out the required paperwork that is set by city policy and were granted the space.

“We had a situation here in Guthrie last year on a particular evening, they had a story hour for children and things like that. We’ll urge the City of Guthrie to do something along the same lines. It’s up to them whether they do or not,” Meadows explained.

Meadows concluded with, “I do not agree with their (transgender) agenda. I’m kinda tired of them taking advantage or running over all the tradition and all the things that made this nation great.”


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