County voters approve three 15-year sales tax questions

Logan County voters hit the polls earlier this month and easily approved three measures that will benefit roads and bridges, the jail, and fire departments. Voters also voted in the primary for presidential candidates.

In August 2014, voters approved a three-quarters (.75%) county sales tax to fund each fire department in the county, the jail, and roads and bridges. All three currently receive a quarter-cent (.25%) with the road districts evenly splitting into the three road districts and the fire departments splitting into the 13 fire departments. Deer Creek Fire Department has formally been annexed into the county and is the 14th county fire department.

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Just needing 50 percent of the vote, voters approved the roads and bridges proposition with nearly 82 percent of the vote with 81.96 percent with a total of 7,113 votes.

In the first eight months of the 2023-24 fiscal year, the sales tax has generated $884, 498.09 which is divided among the three road districts.

Proposition two for the operating expense of the Logan County Jail passed with 69.20 percent of the vote with 7,075 votes collected.

Proposition three was for the 14 fire departments in the county and passed with 80.87 percent out of the total 7,111 votes.

The current tax was set to expire at the end of 2024.

Presidential Primary

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump easily carried Logan County and the State of Oklahoma.

Biden collected 761 votes, or 72.61 percent, from Democrat voters in Logan County while Trump secured 80.87 percent (4,752 votes) of the Republican vote with 5,876 county voters casting their ballot.


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