Donation squashes mortgage for God’s Food Bank

John Vance (right) and Megan Vance (center) is pictured with Zeke Villasenor (left), Mary Coffin and Don Benton of God's Food Bank.

With a generous donation from John Vance Motors, God’s Food Bank no longer will have a mortgage on their building.

God’s Food Bank is a local charity offering food assistance to those in need throughout Logan County. They strive to provide nutritious food for county residents and impact their overall health in a positive way. The food bank offers a grocery store experience by providing clients with a shopping cart and allowing them to make their own selections.

With a $25,000 donation, the food bank will now pay off their mortgage. Now, what was the monthly mortgage payment of $420 will be used for additional resources at the food bank.

“We see a community helper like God’s Food Bank with what they do, we feel obligated in the communities where we operate to give back,” John Vance said. “I think this is the number one project in Logan County.”

In 2021, 7,910 households were served, which results in 16,127 people.

The food bank was formed in 2000 and are opened on Wednesdays. Clients can visit every week and shop for their own groceries which equates to over $200. The goal is to provide three full meals each week to every family that enters the doors.

The food bank is located at 402 W. Vilas and is open to serve clients Wednesday from 10 — 3:30 p.m. and Thursdays from 12 — 5:30 pm. You can contact them at 405-260-1412.

The John Vance Auto Group has served the Guthrie community for over 30 years with their dealerships. They’re located at 5302 S. Division St. and opened from 8 — 8 p.m.


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