Governor’s underage, intoxicated son found with firearms; deferred prosecution agreement offered

A week before Governor Kevin Stitt won re-election for another four-year term, his 20-year-old son was found with multiple firearms while admitting to being under the influence of alcohol.

According to a deputy’s report, Logan County Deputies were called out to Guthrie Haunts on October 31 after someone reported “found firearms” in the parking lot.

The incident was first reported by KOKH on Nov. 18.

Two rifles, two pistols, magazines, and ammunition were found by a deputy. Moments later, John Drew Stitt, the governor’s son, approached deputies and said the box belonged to him.

“While speaking to the male, I could smell the odor of alcoholic beverage emitting from his person,” the deputy said in a report.

At first, John Stitt, who showed the deputy his military identification card, denied being under the influence but later admitted that he was intoxicated by alcohol, according to the incident report.

“He then advised me that he was the Governor’s son,” the deputy wrote.

John Stitt said one of the found pistols belonged to his father.

“I then requested that he call his father and ask him to come and retrieve the firearms as he was clearly intoxicated and underage,” the deputy stated.

The deputy spoke with John Stitt’s mother and later learned the Oklahoma Highway Patrol would come to retrieve the firearms.

An OHP trooper arrived on the scene and the firearms were turned over. The trooper placed the firearms into the truck and allowed a sober driver to take them to Stillwater. The trooper reportedly followed the truck to Stillwater to secure the firearms.

Back at the Sheriff’s Office, the deputy identified a 30-pack of beer with 29 unopened cans among other alcoholic drinks.

Sheriff Damon Devereaux says the incident report was filed with the Logan County District Attorney’s Office, and that the report recommended a charge be filed for possessing alcohol as a minor.

Logan County District Attorney Laura Austin Thomas tells Guthrie News Page they have reviewed the case, all that were involved have clean records, and have been forthcoming and honest with law enforcement.

In October 2021, Thomas started a Deferred Prosecution Agreement program in Logan County after implementing the same program in Payne County back in 2019.

The agreement is set up between the district attorney’s office and an offender.

Thomas said letters were sent out to all who were involved, including Stitt, to determine if they will agree to enter the program, which doesn’t require court approval.

Part of the plan could entail community service as well as payment of fines and fees. If the young adults accept and complete the program then charges would not be filed.  

If the parties elect not to enter the program then charges could be filed in the case.

Both Thomas and Devereaux added that no one has been or is being treated any differently regardless of who they are.

Thomas said there has been an estimated 200 cases in Logan County that have used the Deferred Prosecution Agreement in the 13 months of the program.


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