Green Shoe Foundation hosts ribbon-cutting, open house at new facility

Green Shoe Foundation Founder, Chad Richison, and Green Shoe Foundation executive director, Stephany Cochran, cut ribbon on new facility.

Green Shoe Foundation held a ceremonial ribbon-cutting and open house for its brand-new facility, located at 9601 S. Portland Ave. on Thursday, Sept 7. A nonprofit that provides no-cost, five-day mental wellness retreats guided by licensed therapists for adults ages 21 and over, Green Shoe focuses on helping participants address and heal from childhood trauma.

The new 10,000-square-foot facility, located on 415 acres of land, offers attendees a physical space that better promotes healing, furthering the organization’s mission to impact adults through transformational mental health support.

“Mental health is the key to all health, happiness and success,” said Chad Richison, Green Shoe Foundation Founder. “The Green Shoe Foundation and what it stands for is my life’s purpose. I recommend everyone should enroll in a Green Shoe retreat. While Green Shoe focuses on healing its participants’ childhood traumas, the ultimate goal is prevention. We want to prevent unhealthy behavior from being passed down from generation to generation.”

The ceremonial ribbon-cutting kicked off with remarks from Richison and Green Shoe Executive Director Stephany Cochran. Guests then toured the 10,000-square-foot facility, enjoying refreshments from MentaliTea and Coffee while listening to stories about the impact Green Shoe has had over the last eight years and its plans for the future.

“Green Shoe offers services, resources and support for adults to find their authentic selves and heal from past relational trauma,” Cochran said. “Many of us can benefit from taking time to heal and learn from past difficulties, and I’ve seen firsthand the transformational change that occurs during our retreats. It’s an honor to witness the expansion of both our facility and our organization’s impact in the community.”

Since its founding in 2015, the program has served thousands of individuals from 42 states and countries across the globe. While retreats are at no cost, there is a $475 deposit to secure a spot, and this deposit is returned in full upon completion of the retreat week.


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