Guthrie Police reports for September 27, 2011

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The following is the Inter-Watch Summary from the Guthrie Police Department for September 24, 2011.

Tuesday September 27, 2011

1413                1800 E Springer                       Arrest                           20111283

McLaurin, Douglas Lorraine b/m DOB 3/13/1956 of Guthrie was arrested on two outstanding Logan County Warrants, and possession of CDS.      Lt. Mize


1456                200 Crooks Dr.                        Arrest                           20111284

Juvenile was arrested for possession of a weapon on school property.      Off. Gibbs


0241                Pine/Harrison                            Arrest                           20111287

Baker, Billie Ray w/m DOB 4/1/1993 and a juvenile were arrested for DUI, Possession of CDS with intent to Distribute, Possession of Alcohol under the age of 21.   Off. Lesher


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