Liberty Lake water causing water discoloration

The City of Guthrie is wanting their water customers to know the current drinking water is safe to drink despite discoloration.

The Guthrie Public Works Authority (GPWA) has three primary sources of collecting water for treatment and distribution to the public. The three sources include Guthrie Lake, Liberty Lake and Cottonwood Creek.

“We are currently experiencing high levels of manganese from Liberty Lake,” a City spokesperson said. “This may cause a slight discoloration in the water.”

GPWA wants all residents to know the water is safe to use for all daily activities and is not toxic or harmful for consumption. 

If you are a City/GPWA water customer, you can contact the Water Treatment Plant at (405) 282-0532 to schedule a time to have your water lines flushed.

If you are a Logan County Rural Water District #1 water customer, you’re encouraged to call their office to schedule a time to have your water lines flushed.


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