Logan County District 2 Update: Community Development Block Grant‏

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Over the last several weeks I have written about the different sources of funding available to District 2. With this article I would like to conclude the series by sharing what is being planned through a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).
A CDBG is funded with federal money which is administered by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. It is targeted to help ensure that a community’s most critical needs are addressed.
Last year we started the process of making a CDBG application to repave Pine from Prairie Grove to Camp. This is a stretch of road with a daily traffic count of 642 and it has been in need of revitalization for some time. For several years the county has been hard pressed just to finance the asphalt for maintaining it.
One qualification in the application process for a CDBG grant is verification that residents affected by the project have a low to medium income. So I went door to door to 98 houses to perform the required survey. Of those interviewed, 74.9% households fell within the income threshold.
On February 15, a public hearing for the project was held at the Courthouse annex. The commissioners then voted to make the application, which was done in March. We should know in July whether we have been awarded the grant.
If we are successful, plans for the scope of the repaving project include grinding up the old asphalt, re-establishing ditches, using shale to build a new road base and then applying a 2 ½” layer of new asphalt. There will also be repairs made to the bridge structure located 4/10th of a mile south of Prairie Grove.
Total projected costs for completing the work is $250,720. Of that,$108,700 would be obtained through the CDBG grant, $66,640 through District 2 in-kind labor and equipment, and $75,380 from county funds.
Paving Pine from Prairie Grove to Camp is an integral part of our overall plan for a quality roadway which extends from Guthrie to Waterloo Road. The only remaining road segment to be paved will be the two miles from Charter Oak to Waterloo. As stated in a previous article, we have been able to obtain through the County Improvements for Roads and Bridges program, which is a five-year plan implemented through ODOT, $145,000 of match money in 2016 to apply toward paving these remaining two miles.
If you have questions about any of the infrastructure projects I have addressed, please feel free to go to commissiondistrict2.com/ cobIie.pdf or give me a call at 650-0384.


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