Motorists hopeful Waterloo Road benefits from new law

Motorists hopeful Waterloo Road benefits from new law

It’s no secret, traffic in southern Logan County is at an all-time high. With more and more vehicles on the roads, Waterloo Road is one of several roads that has seen better days. With a grassroots effort, help appears to be on the way. Potholes and cracks can be seen up and down Waterloo Road on both sides. The north side of the dividing line […]

Logan County District 2 Update: University bridge nearing completion

We are moving toward the final stages of construction on the new bridge at University east of Midwest. In late Nov. 2012, to minimize inconvenience to area residents, we temporarily installed a tin culvert and low water crossing at the site to enable them to enter and exit. We then removed the old bridge and […]

Logan County District 2 Update: Starting the recovery‏

This week begins the recovery from soft, soaking rains which devastated country roads throughout areas of Oklahoma. I’ve traveled many of the District 2 roads, assessing conditions, and many of you  have called my cell phone or the office. This has given us a good comprehension of where the worst areas are and how best […]

District 2 Update: The first bridge of its kind in Logan County‏

Progress continues on the University Bridge east of Midwest. A temporary low water crossing has been built, the old bridge torn out and dirt excavated where the new structure will be placed. Forms to create keyways in the concrete footings for new bridge legs have been constructed. If the weather cooperates, next week ditches will be […]