Motorists hopeful Waterloo Road benefits from new law

It’s no secret, traffic in southern Logan County is at an all-time high. With more and more vehicles on the roads, Waterloo Road is one of several roads that has seen better days. With a grassroots effort, help appears to be on the way.

Potholes and cracks can be seen up and down Waterloo Road on both sides. The north side of the dividing line belongs to Logan County and the south side belonging to Oklahoma County. Several motorists, say the road has not seen enough attention when it comes to maintenance and is what motivated Scot Tower to begin a Facebook page.

Fix Waterloo Road” page was created, along with road side signs, to begin the grassroots effort.

Perhaps, the biggest action took place this week when House Bill 1148 was signed by Gov. Mary Fallin. The bill, which goes into effect July 1, will allow counties to enter into agreements for the construction, maintenance and financial responsibility on county line roads and bridges.

According to Logan County Commissioner Mike Pearson, Oklahoma County Commissioner Ray Vaughn initiated the bill knowing his district would carry the lion’s share of the funding.

“He initiated the bill with Rep. (Randy) Grau because his district attorney, David Prather, ruled that they could not use Oklahoma County tax money on Logan County. HB 1148 changes that,” Pearson said.

State Rep. Jason Murphey says the new law could also benefit a future project involving Interstate 35.

“This means Oklahoma County could take a stronger stance in providing Waterloo Road with much-needed support. It may also allow Oklahoma County to assist with the potential signalization of the Waterloo Road interchange with Interstate 35,” State Rep. Jason Murphey said in a column.

“The Oklahoma Department of Transportation has placed this area on its eight-year plan and intends to build a new bridge which would allow the four-laning of Waterloo Road. It is likely that the ramps will be signalized at that time.”



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  1. zoya nelson | May 16, 2015 at 4:38 pm | Reply

    It is about time something will happen! On my way home I always get into the left lane when I come up on the Waterloo exit because of the congestion and most times the cars are backed up onto the shoulder of the highway.

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