Westminster Road will be closed May 18

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In May of 2011 we ground up the chip seal on Westminster going north from Waterloo. The pavement had gotten into such poor condition it was no longer feasible to maintain it. After it was ground up we had a very dry summer which caused wash-boarding on the road. We spread shale in some of the worst areas to help alleviate the problem.

Tomorrow, (May 18), we plan on trying a different way of fixing the problem on the first half mile of Westminster going north from Waterloo. Using a grader we will push all of the road base material to one side of the road, then pull it back in lifts, water it, apply a
soil binding agent and compact it.

We regret the inconvenience closing Westminster from Waterloo to Simmons will cause the residents in the area, but believe this process will improve the road’s durability and also help control the dust.

If you have any questions feel free to call me at 650-0384.


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