Logan County filings July 14, 2022

The following actions were filed in the District Court of Logan County for July 14, 2022. 

Bondsman License (BL)

BL-2022-23In Re: Out of County Bondsman Robert Don Hawkins

Civil Misc. (CV)

CV-2022-118Kevin Jay Wright v. State Of Oklahoma

Family and Domestic (FD)

FD-2022-123In re the Marriage of: Hunt, Stuart Overton and Hunt, Morgan Lee

Marriage license (ML)

ML-2022-120In Re the marriage of Byron Dale Helt and McCayla Ann Hope

Small Claims (SC)

SC-2022-192Southwestern Housing & Construction v. Lance J. Ford & Angela Faye Ford

Traffic (TR)

TR-2022-455State of Oklahoma v. Sharpton, Christian Blake
TR-2022-456State of Oklahoma v. Martin, Atrayu Jonathan
TR-2022-457State of Oklahoma v. Pieper, Michael Jacob
TR-2022-458State of Oklahoma v. Ayala Perez, Martin Eduardo
TR-2022-459State of Oklahoma v. Ayala Perez, Martin Eduardo
TR-2022-460State of Oklahoma v. Guillermo, Amaro Huerta
TR-2022-461State of Oklahoma v. Fernandez-Rueda, Patrocinio
TR-2022-462State of Oklahoma v. Blevins, Kenneth Cooper
TR-2022-463State of Oklahoma v. Blevins, Kenneth Cooper
TR-2022-464State of Oklahoma v. Blevins, Kenneth Cooper
TR-2022-465State of Oklahoma v. Hill, Hiram
TR-2022-466State of Oklahoma v. Hill, Hiram
TR-2022-467State of Oklahoma v. Jackson, Leroy Eugene
TR-2022-468State of Oklahoma v. Fields, Campbell Walker
TR-2022-469State of Oklahoma v. Brown, Christopher Todd
TR-2022-470State of Oklahoma v. Harris, Rebahaka Dawnn
TR-2022-471State of Oklahoma v. Dewberry, Tyrese Malik
TR-2022-472State of Oklahoma v. Seitsinger, Charles
TR-2022-473State of Oklahoma v. Currios Vanvier, Davis
TR-2022-474State of Oklahoma v. Garman, Destiney Renee
TR-2022-475State of Oklahoma v. Stout, James Lindy
TR-2022-476State of Oklahoma v. Henderson, Robert Scott
TR-2022-477State of Oklahoma v. Irvin, James Newton


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