Morning accident leaves intersection without street light

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An early morning accident left a busy Guthrie intersection without one of its street lights.

Guthrie Police responded to the intersection of Pine and Noble just before 7 a.m. Tuesday morning and found a city street light pole laying across a pickup truck bed.

The driver stated a school bus was traveling southbound on Pine and made a left turn to go east on Pine at the same time the driver of the truck was turning right to go east onto Noble.

The result ending with the truck crashing into the street light pole and bringing it down onto the interstate. The two vehicles did not make contact.

There were no injuries and police continue to investigate.

The Department of Public Safety was contacted and are expected to be in the area to fix the fallen light structure. A four-way stop sign has been placed in the intersection for traffic.


8 Comments on "Morning accident leaves intersection without street light"

  1. There always seems to be poles coming down around there – maybe they need to bolt them down tighter! LOL

  2. Just came through that intersection and watched 4 semis blow through the stop sign and didn’t even slow down. Hope everyone, including our high schoolers, are careful until that light gets replaced.

  3. It happen somewhere between 6:00 and 6:30 as it was down when I went to work but still up when my coworker went in at 6:00.

  4. theres always accidents happening there its not an safe intersection of nowhere is now days in guthrie

  5. I’m reading this to Jay as he is driving through there — he saw a gravel semi just blow right through the stop sign as he as there…..

  6. Same here I saw a pickup run through it around lunchtime today. I hope it gets fixed fast.

  7. The stop sign they are using is way to short for people to see. The drivers book states to stop even with the stop sign. However, I am still trying to figure out how to go east on Pine? Maybe it is just late and I am confused.

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