Oak Cliff Fire Department places new truck into service

Oak Cliff Fire Department placed a new apparatus into service last week with their Tanker-91.

The Tanker 91 is a 2018 Pierce® Freightliner with a 2,500-gallon tank and a 500 gallon-perminute (GPM) pump.

Tanker 91 will respond on all fire calls, bringing necessary water to the emergency scene.

“In areas such as ours where hydrants are very limited, we rely heavily on tankers to get the water to the fire scene to make fighting the fires possible,” said Blake Hutsenpiller, Fire Chief at Oak Cliff
Fire Department.

In addition to serving the Oak Cliff Fire Department, the tanker will also be used when neighboring fire departments need assistance and water brought to their scenes.

“The biggest change between this tanker and our other tankers is the addition of the front-mounted turret,” Hutsenpiller said.

The front-mounted nozzle gives the firefighters greater options for fighting fires. The firefighter driving the tanker can spray water while the truck is in motion and without leaving the driver’s seat.

Hutsenpiller goes on to say, “We are very fortunate to add this truck to our fleet of equipment. We really need to thank the citizens of our fire district for their support and tax dollars that
made this truck possible.”

The Oak Cliff Fire Department is a combination department made up of both full-time and volunteer firefighters. The department has two stations located in southern Logan County and cover an area of approximately 36 square miles.


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