Parking on the grass ordinance being considered by council

The City of Guthrie is weighing their options of adopting an ordinance that will disallow vehicles from being parked in residential yards. However, the city council is considering different types of neighborhoods that exist within the City limits.

Cast your opinion on the City of Guthrie’s website on the “No Parking on the Grass” ordinance.

The ordinance that is being discussed seeks to strike a balance between the traditional township areas and the more rural parts of Guthrie. It states:  “No part of a front yard or of a side yard shall be used as a parking space for a motor vehicle, boat, trailer, or other vehicle of equivalent or larger size, except upon a regularly constructed driveway or to the rear of the front wall of the main building on said property.”

There are exceptions written into the ordinance that so that it does not apply to the following:

– Property under active construction and improvement
– Legally non-conforming off-street parking surfaces, i.e., parking in an area abutting an unpaved alley
– Federal and State holidays when alternative parking is not available
– Lots of ½ acre or larger; however parking of all vehicles, boats or trailers must comply with the following:

A. vehicles must not be parked directly in front of the house
B. vehicles must never be parked on the grass for more than thirty-six (36) consecutive hours
C. no more than two vehicles can be parked on an unsealed surface in a lot

City officials confirm the ordinance in no way requires any property owner to make improvements to existing driveway structures and would not apply in situations where a vehicle may be parked on the side of the road and have one or two tires touching the grass.

According to the city’s website, the intent of the ordinance is to preserve neighborhood aesthetics in the City of Guthrie while still being flexible enough to accommodate those residents with more of a rural lifestyle.


2 Comments on "Parking on the grass ordinance being considered by council"

  1. I do not waNnt people parking on their lawns when there are driveways
    (either paved or not) on their property. I realize there are circumstances that there could be a need for more parking places for a short time–but not more or less continuiously.

  2. jennie stephens | February 1, 2012 at 5:16 pm | Reply

    It is my property I own it and as long as I keep my grass mowed and no trash in my yard I should be able to park my car or truck in my yard on my grass if I want to!

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