State Superintendent says National Guard could help school districts

Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister spoke on Tuesday after hearing remarks by Gov. Kevin Stitt, who issued an executive order concerning the need for substitute teachers.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Stitt said he would be issuing an executive order that would allow state employees to become substitute teachers. Related article: WATCH: State executive order to allow state agencies employees to substitute teach

“We all agree it is best for schools to be open, and I appreciate that the governor has finally recognized this crisis,” Hoffmeister said. “But we need caring, equipped teachers in classrooms and for the focus to be on learning. This gesture is a cup of water on a raging fire.”

Last year, Hoffmeister announced she would be swtiching party affiliations and run on the Democrat ticket in the upcoming election set for later this year.

Hoffmeister added, “the immediate problem is that we are in the middle of a tremendous surge, impacting more than schools. Oklahomans are seeing the ramifications of COVID in their workplaces, churches and families.”

The superintendent said, “with the stroke of a pen, the governor could untie the hands of schools to mitigate spread and allow hospitals to increase capacity. The governor could immediately deploy the national guard to assist with school transportation and food services using millions of COVID relief dollars already in hand.”

“As the State Superintendent, I ask the governor to take meaningful action now.”


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