Street committee to consider lowering speed limit on Division

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The Guthrie Street Committee will hold a special meeting on Wednesday, February 15 to discuss speed limits on Division and Walnut streets.

The committee will consider adding warning signs with flashers near the entrances of Mission Hills housing addition and the Savannah House Apartments on South Division. The warning signs would be a quarter of a mile from each entrance, northbound and southbound.

Since 2009, there have been 9 wrecks in the area stemming from a vehicle slowing or stopping to turn into one of the entrances. In addition, staff suggests lowering the speed limit to 45 MPH.

The street committee is a representative from each of the three wards of the city council.

The committee will also consider the following: changing the speed limit on Walnut to be consistent with other city streets, closing certain streets in the Cottonwood Flats area and consider re-opening the road behind the water treatment plant that provides a back entrance to Mineral Wells Park.

Closing some of the roads in the flats would allow for more green area.


4 Comments on "Street committee to consider lowering speed limit on Division"

  1. Extending the 45 mph speed limit to that area would not be a big deal.

  2. The problem is not speed but cell phone usage. Inattentive drivers are the cause of most accidents in town, imo.

  3. Do something about Pine and Noble. There is a wreck there nearly every week. Then focus on putting in lights at Noble and I 35, that area is a mess.

  4. Division is a state highway wont ODOT have to approve any changes?

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