Trash rates soon increasing for Guthrie residential, commercial customers

Trash service for Guthrie residents and commercial customers will soon see an increase in their monthly bills. The first increase the City of Guthrie has passed on since 2006.

Despite rates not increasing for residents and businesses for over a decade, Waste Connections continued their rate increases to the City. Moving forward, the City will markup the percentage to customers that is passed on from Waste Connections.

In 2006, the City’s markup for residential customers was 89% and 48% for commercial accounts. When compared to 2022, the markup was 54% for residential and 20% for commercial. Related article: City reaches new 5-year deal with Waste Connections; rate increases coming soon

The City agreed and signed a five-year contract with Waste Connections beginning October 1, 2023, and expiring on September 30, 2028.

In part, the agreement called for a two percent increase last year, 15 percent this year (October 1), and a five percent rate increase each year after for residential customers. For commercial accounts, a 31% increase will occur this year and five percent each year over the contract period.

Despite the increases, Guthrie will remain below surrounding communities this coming year compared to Stillwater, Crescent, Coyle, Kingfisher, and Perkins.

For residential customers inside city limits, the monthly price will increase from $13.24 to $15.25 beginning Oct. 1. With the annual increase, prices will go to $16.01 in October 2024, $16.82 in October 2025, $17.66 in October 2026, and $18.54 in October 2027.

Customers outside of city limits will go from $20 per month to $23.03 this October and will see increases to $24.19 (2024), $25.39 (2025), $26.66 (2026), and $28.00 (2027).

Cedar Valley customers will see similar increases to customers outside of the city limits.

City Council, who has discussed this item for several months including a workshop last month, passed the item with a unanimous vote (7-0).


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