Guthrie Fire Department honors Guthrie Police Officer Jose Botello

Despite some playful banter among Guthrie firefighters and police officers, the two essential groups always come together for public safety and in the time of need. On Tuesday night, the firefighters honored Officer Jose Botello.

Fire Chief Dane Lausen spoke in front of the city council, and behind him were multiple police officers and firefighters in attendance for the public recognition.

Lausen spoke of a tragic vehicle accident earlier this month.

“While we were responding, dispatch informed us CPR was in progress. Our units arrived to Officer Botello performing CPR on a female patient that was involved in the accident.”

The chief said that life-saving measures are difficult at best when you do not perform on a regular basis. Lausen says they did not have the outcome they had for the patient, but “the effort made by everyone on the scene that day was unmatched.”

Lausen added Botello often goes out of his way to assist the fire department.

“He went out of his way to help us during the downtown fire in 2018. During that time, Botello injured himself and actually broke his hip. Every time we are on a scene, we know we can rely on him to help us out when he is there.”

Lausen presented Botello with a fire helmet and shield that displayed his police number. Funds for the helmet were raised by the local fire union.

“This is a small thank you to an officer that plays such a significant role in daily operations.”

Naturally, Lausen could not play nice for the entire presentation and offered Botello a “promotion.”

“Some day we will be able to get Botello to the fireside where he belongs,” the joke was well taken by all those in attendance.

“All jokes aside, we couldn’t be more thankful to have two departments that work so well together,” Lausen said. “Thank you, Officer Botello, for your service to the citizens of Guthrie. The City of Guthrie is lucky to have you.”


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