Will Rogers World Airport considers name change in 2025

The iconic Will Rogers World Airport might undergo a significant transformation in 2025, as the Oklahoma City Airport Trust has announced potential plans for a name change. This revelation follows a comprehensive survey that indicates a shift in local preferences and usage patterns.

According to the Oklahoma City Airport Trust, a survey was conducted to gather insights into the airport’s name usage and recognition. The survey, which reached approximately 6,000 participants, revealed a surprising trend: only about 19% of Oklahomans refer to the airport by its full name, “Will Rogers World Airport.”

The survey results have prompted the Oklahoma City Airport Trust to consider a name change as part of an effort to better align with the preferences of the community.

The name change consideration is scheduled for February 2025, giving the trust ample time to deliberate and choose a name that resonates more strongly with the public. This initiative reflects a broader trend of institutions re-evaluating their branding to stay relevant and connected with their stakeholders.


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