OHP encounters unusual “UFO” on Turner Turnpike

Photo courtesy of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

In a bizarre yet light-hearted incident, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol found themselves in an otherworldly situation on the Turner Turnpike yesterday. Trooper Ryan Vanvleck pulled over a vehicle for what initially seemed like a routine obstructed tag violation. However, what transpired next was anything but ordinary.

The vehicle, adorned with peculiar decorations reminiscent of a classic flying saucer, was en route to the renowned UFO festival held annually in Roswell, New Mexico. As Trooper Vanvleck approached the vehicle, he was met with a sight that sparked both curiosity and amusement.

Rather than issuing a citation, Trooper Vanvleck opted for a more lenient approach. Recognizing the harmless nature of the situation and the festive spirit of their journey, he decided to let them proceed with just a warning.

The incident quickly became a talking point among locals and social media users, with many praising Trooper Vanvleck’s good-natured handling of the situation. While UFO sightings are rare, encounters with UFO-themed vehicles on Oklahoma highways are even rarer, making this encounter one for the books.


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