Council to consider two applicants for vacant city council seat

The Guthrie city council is expected to consider and possibly take action on filling an open seat on the council. The opening comes after last month’s resignation of Chuck Burtcher.

The council is projected to officially accept the resignation of Burtcher, who resigned his post effective August 1. Related article: Burtcher resigns city council seat

Afterwards, the council will consider Brian Bothroyd and Lynn Bilodeau. However, if additional applicants are received they will also be considered for the Tuesday, August 6 meeting scheduled for 7 p.m.

The seat’s term ends in May 2023.

Bothroyd, an Executive Vice President for Westel, Inc., served on the city council for years (2015-2019) after winning election in 2015. Burtcher edged out Bothroyd (309 – 231) in April’s election for the seat.

“Making sure that everyone wants to be heard and have a voice, will have that through me,” Bothroyd said in part in his interest on serving on the council.

Bilodeau, an attorney and CEO of Guthrie Tomorrow Coalition, Inc., currently serves on the Historic Preservation Commission.

“Being good stewards of the citizens’ funds which have been entrusted to the City,” Bilodeau said about one of his key interests for Guthrie.

Bilodeau added, “Promoting our diverse citizenry and encouraging community involvement.”

The City charter states the council shall select, by an affirmative vote of at least four members, an eligible person to fill the vacancy at the next regular meeting of the City Council following the creation of the vacancy or as soon thereafter as is practical.


2 Comments on "Council to consider two applicants for vacant city council seat"

  1. Randy Squires | August 5, 2019 at 11:21 am | Reply

    The position just recently became open has there been announcements that anyone can apply for this open position and/or what the requirements are. I don’t feel this had been adequately made public..

  2. I would not consider 57% to 42% of the vote to be an “edge out.”

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