Fogarty principal brings storytime magic to summer break

In a delightful twist to summer break, Fogarty Elementary School’s Principal Marsha Todd is transforming ordinary Thursdays into magical literary adventures.

Each week, no matter where she finds herself—whether it’s the serene backyard, a sun-drenched poolside, or a cozy hammock—Principal Todd goes live on Fogarty Elementary’s Facebook page for her much-anticipated Read Aloud sessions. These surprise locations add an extra layer of excitement for her young listeners, who eagerly tune in to discover where their beloved principal will be reading from next.

Principal Todd’s commitment to fostering a love of reading extends far beyond the classroom. Having served as a classroom teacher for 18 years before becoming the school’s principal in 2014, she brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for education to each storytime.

This summer, her book selections have captivated students and parents alike, featuring titles such as Cooler Than Lemonade, The Donkey Egg, Belly Button Boy, Strictly No Elephants, and Noodle Conquers Comfy Mountain.

These Read Aloud sessions have become a cherished part of the summer routine for many Fogarty families, offering a blend of entertainment and educational enrichment. Principal Todd’s animated readings and surprise settings make each story come to life, creating a sense of community and continuity even when school is out.

As the summer progresses, students and parents can look forward to more enchanting stories and creative backdrops, all thanks to Principal Todd’s dedication to making reading an engaging and enjoyable experience.


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