Deer Creek and Oak Cliff residents to decide on fire protection funding increase

The citizens of Deer Creek and Oak Cliff Fire Protection Districts in southern Logan County will head to the polls on August 27th to vote on a proposed millage rate increase for property owners.

This decision will determine whether the millage rate for both Oklahoma and Logan counties will rise to 10 mills.

Currently, the Deer Creek Fire Protection District (DCFPD) receives 7 mills from Logan County, while Oak Cliff currently receives 7.22 mills from property owners. These funds, primarily sourced from property assessment fees, support the district’s essential operations.

The DCFPD has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1976 when it operated a single brush pumper from a barn. Today, the district boasts two stations, with a third on the way, and a fleet that includes three engines, two tankers, five brush pumpers, and two command vehicles. In 2023 alone, DCFPD responded to 676 calls, serving an area of 52.51 square miles.

The proposed increase is designed to bolster the district’s ability to meet growing demands and maintain high service standards. According to ACOG 911, the average home value in the Deer Creek FPD area was $419,043 in 2023. With the proposed millage rate, homes in Oklahoma County would contribute $336.49 annually, while those in Logan County would contribute $322.66.

Similarly, Oak Cliff, one of Logan County’s fastest-growing areas, has seen a 131% population increase and a 206% surge in call volume from 2000 to 2020. The additional funding would enable Oak Cliff to enhance staffing, plan and purchase critical capital improvements, and provide ambulance services to its rapidly expanding community.

In the Deer Creek coverage area, a $300,000 property would increase by $99 per year, and $91 per year for Oak Cliff property owners.

As the Deer Creek Fire Protection District and Oak Cliff residents prepare for this significant vote, the outcome will shape the future of fire protection services in these areas, ensuring that both districts can continue to protect and serve their communities effectively.


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