Guthrie – Carl Albert: Inside the Numbers

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To no surprise Guthrie and Carl Albert can be found near the top of many team numbers. Although you can expect neither team to put these type numbers, these two teams show why they are part of an elite group in Class 5A


Carl Albert

Offensive Rushing 195 per game Offensive Rushing 270 per game
Offensive Passing 202 per game Offensive Passing 150 per game
Total Offense 398 per game Total Offense 420 per game
Points Scored 34 average Points Scored 44 average
Rushing Allowed 51 per game Rushing Allowed 139 per game
Passing Allowed 104 per game Passing Allowed 72 per game
Total Defense 155 per game Total Defense 212 per game
Points Allowed 9 average Points Allowed 8 average

*Bold numbers denotes best in Class 5A


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